Ripmax MR UBEC 5A (5V/8V/12V)

Artikel-Nr.:  RIP-P-MRUB2
Ripmax MR UBEC 5A (5V/8V/12V) - Bild 1
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A versatile device that converts a high input voltage from say a flight battery into a selectable (3 setting), stable output voltage and a maximum of 5A current. Useful for all types of model but particularly multi-rotors. Whether it powers the reciever, lights or other auxilliaries the choice is yours. Just select the output voltage that you need.

This unit has been purpose designed to be robust and reliable rather than built down to a price. Only the highest quality components have been used throughout.

Specifications / Technische Daten
Li-XX Cell Count / Zellen Lixx: 3 - 12S Li-Po Input
Max. Continuous Current (Amps) / maximaler Dauerstrom (A): 5A Maximum
Voltage / Spannung: Output Selectable 5v,8v,12v